Jehovah Jireh Christian Church

"A Place Where the Lord Will Provide"

                                                                                        Youth Ministry  

 Prophetess Jasmine Ortiz is the Overseer for the Youth Ministry.  She seeks to encourage the young people to be involved and activate those spiritual gifts that lie dormant.  The youth participate in various events ranging from their very own Youth Church, to Fundraisers.  JJM holds Youth Socialization gatherings where the young people come out and participate in spiritual as well as recreational activities 

and games. God is using JJM youth to Praise Dance, Step Dance, Sing, Worship and Praise the Lord. 







                                                           Deaconate Ministry / Men's Ministry


Deacon Elect Jerry Johnson is the Overseer for the Deaconate Ministry and the Men's Ministry.  The men of Jehovah Jireh strive to attain the qualities to be exceptional, heroic men of God; men who are after God's Heart. They walk in a spirit of  bravery, courage, and strength. Their qualities allow them to walk in a spirit that enables them to face danger or pain without showing fear especially in the midst of  battles. Deacon Johnson exemplifies these qualities.